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A real life kairos moment

One of my colleagues recently asked if our life experiences are simply reflections of our beliefs. Some people would love that to be true. I think it’s more the case that unexpected “kairos” moments challenge our beliefs all the time, and that we need to engage with them. My friends in Bristol are processing a real shocker, but we thank God things are working out.

More about it on Living A Chilled Life.

A real life kairos moment

One of our Chill team recently asked an open question – are our experiences in life a reflection of our beliefs?

I feel that’s true to some extent, at least that we’re most likely to process our experiences through the framework of our beliefs, and that our brains actually work much harder than we realise to make everything fit together. “The Political Brain” by Drew Westen explores the latest research behind this.

But there is plenty going on which we can’t control or even make sense of. A friend fell off his bike a couple of weeks ago and is currently in hospital with brain injury. That’s a big shock for him and everyone who knows him. It’s a life-defining “kairos” experience.

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