Monthly Archives: June 2011

Help! I like and loathe this record at the same time and I am confused

I don’t LOVE the Cher Lloyd debut single, but I do like it and it is stuck in my head. At least the chorus is, the verse is mostly forgettable and the song as a whole is so annoying that I want to shout at myself every time my brain wants to hum the chorus again, which it does a lot. It’s a recipe for madness.

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A church without mission is like a car without wheels

It can still have nice comfy seats and music, and be a good place for people to meet. It’ll have the advantage that people always know where it is!

It will have an engine which may seem a bit pointless. The car will rarely need to be filled up with fuel – so rarely that┬ápeople may argue over whether being filled up is something which only needed to happen once or needs to be done on a regular basis.┬áPeople probably won’t remember the last time you needed a refill unless you’re running the lights, music and windscreen wipers an awful lot.

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Pips go pop – most ridiculous BBC over-engineering ever, and it fails?


Apparently there used to be a joke at the BBC about how over funded everything was – “Where’s the stapler?” “Sorry, it’s his day off.”

Now Radio 4 listeners have been treated to a lengthy explanation about why there were no pips at 5pm the other day. They’re generated by a computer which failed. So did the backup computer. Engineers spent hours on the case and finally got everything back to normal by 8pm.

Does it say something about the BBC that no-one thought to avoid listener hassle and just use a recording of pips? I think I might have a BBC sound FX CD with them on somewhere. Or, hold on, there are at least a week’s worth (168) successful past pippings available on the hugely expensive “listen again” machinery, if they’re really stuck..???

No, our machine has died and those are the only official pips allowed, and we don’t want any fake pips “pipsgate” scandals, so we’ll interrupt the news to tell you about all this.

PS, sorry for not getting round to telling you that salad is potentially lethal until yesterday, we were really busy with stuff like this.