Introduction – Surfing Spiritual Waves

God makes the church grow!

I’m loving this already. Don’t know why I had pigeonholed “Purpose Driven Church” in my head as a “how to” on making things grow. I realise that is God’s job – it’s been a big theme we have been sharing between us. The nice Californian picture of surfing is spot on – we don’t make the waves, we just spot them and ride them, and it’s the same working with God’s movements. Pastoring is therefore about sensitivity to God and balance (like a surfer) when riding the wave. And weirdly “the more skilled we become in riding waves of growth, the more God sends!”

Also, a recognised principle among us – living things naturally grow. We don’t make them grow, it just happens, but we do have responsibility for the environment (so growth can naturally occur) and “to discover and remove growth-restricting diseases.” Health, not growth, is then the key issue. A healthy church will naturally grow. A growing church will not necessarily be healthy. So work on the health.

(That’s easy to forget when we do “growth plans” – how are we doing on this?)

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