Chapter 1 – The Saddleback Story – very beginning bit…

“Ministry is a marathon. It’s not how you start out that matters, but how you end. So how do you make it to the end? The Bible says, “Love never fails.” (1 Cor 13:8). If you minister out of love, you can never be considered a failure.” – Rick Warren

This touches a nerve for me. One reason I hold back from ministry commitment is that I’m not sure I can love enough. I have prayed for more love. When reading the story of Solomon and being reminded how wise he was to ask for wisdom, I’ve felt God ask me what I am asking for, and much as I love wisdom, I asked for love. I believe God answered that prayer by giving me opportunities to love others, and feel the stretch as different relationships demanded different kinds and amounts of love, patience, gentleness and other spiritual fruit. God has been opening my eyes and heart to the possibilities of what happens when we live in his love, not just our own. The fact that we can do that, receive from the source of selfless love, and not be limited by our own reserves and patchy histories of love mixed with selfishness, that is good news, gospel.

As for Rick Warren – what a commissioning! His hero pastor blessing him with powerful words he would hold onto for years. We’ve got to remember how powerful blessings are, we must seek to pass on authentic words from the Holy Spirit, and know that we won’t know the effect of these until God shows us much, much later.

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