Power of storytelling by Raf Stevens on Prezi

Prezi is really cool. It’s a way of creating and sharing presentations which can be far more interesting than Powerpoint slide shows, and it works well when you have a big idea which can be broken down into smaller bits and explored. Prezi lets you do that literally, and the viewer gets to see your “big picture” and detail linking together attractively.

I’m still not sure I’ve seen a really GREAT Prezi yet – many, like this one, are good, and about story telling. I could imagine it being better. The guy in the “elevator pitch” video is particularly annoying.

But this is mainly a bookmark for myself to come back and use this tool – I think it’s got potential, and I’ll post again when I’ve used it.

PS – if the pic above says something like “This prezi doesn’t exists” (hmmm…) try clicking on the “via prezi.com” link instead – that should work.
PPS – Holy Trinity Brompton have been using Prezi for their Student Alpha presentations. They’re pretty slick and (importantly) they link with a well written talk and don’t look like every other presentation you see. http://studentalpha.org/media-presentation-who-jesus

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