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A church without mission is like a car without wheels

It can still have nice comfy seats and music, and be a good place for people to meet. It’ll have the advantage that people always know where it is!

It will have an engine which may seem a bit pointless. The car will rarely need to be filled up with fuel – so rarely that┬ápeople may argue over whether being filled up is something which only needed to happen once or needs to be done on a regular basis.┬áPeople probably won’t remember the last time you needed a refill unless you’re running the lights, music and windscreen wipers an awful lot.

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Why I avoided TV for a week

I was asked to try a “media fast” – no TV, radio, press, internet news or even personal talk about the news – as part of an exploration of “holiness” with our church interns. It did my head in. But there were good things – including a chance to think about why I’m so into media production, what can be good about it, and what God’s been saying to us all for a long time about living a good, faith-filled life in a difficult world. More on my Amateur Theology blog.

Amateur Theology latest

Two posts today on my Amateur Theology blog. One is about how Pip n Jay life is going and how our new vicar-to-be has been asking a really important question – “Who are you?”. The other is about Stuxnet as a picture of things wrong with us, and what God is doing about it – it’s good news, promise.