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The difference between pop singers and artists

Pop singers sing what’s popular. Artists redefine what’s popular.

Pop singers imitate. Artists originate.

Pop singers need to be consistently good. Artists must be, at least occasionally, surprisingly brilliant. Performance may vary.

People enjoy pop singers who meet expectations. People love artists who blow expectations apart.

It’s enough for a pop singer to do something you enjoyed another pop singer doing. An artist has to do something you believe only they could do. That is what defines them.

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Your vinyl resting place

Rumours of the death of the music industry may be greatly exaggerated, but we’ve all got to go some time. How about making a lasting impression with your remains? Death metal fans – it’s not just for you.

www.andvinyly.com (see what they did there!) will press up 30 discs with your name, audio you supply (up to 12 minutes per side) and something you don’t find enough in music – you can genuinely pour yourself into it. Well, someone else can pour your ashes into it, after you are dead. Could be a little soulless (I believe that bit’s going elsewhere…) but you can always opt to record a speech, or simply have silence which will only be interrupted by your pops and crackles.

The basics cost £2000, extras range from “bespook music” at £500 a track, and distribution “to reputable vinyl stores worldwide” for £1000, to artwork from renowned portrait painter James Hague for £3500.

With the British music industry desperate to extend copyright terms from 50 years to life + 70 years or longer, it could be said that there is an increading demand to reap shareholder value from the grave. But at least these guys are upfront about it.

For the record, my choice of funeral anthem is “God Gave Rock And Roll To You”. I’m not yet sure if I want to be part of the recording.

Suggested playlist choices for your AndVinyly compilation:
1. “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)” – Dead Or Alive
2. … errr…
3. … that’s it.
(feel free to comment with more)