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Ambitions are already starting to fade

Quite an appropriate lyric from the new Joe McElderry single.

Normally I don’t post about stuff I don’t like – life’s too short – but I just don’t get this. A big label has a popular guy with an up-for-it fanbase. They make a website for him which looks like a Myspace page, complete with banner ad for himself just above his own logo, and another ad for himself just below, festooned with shop logos, just so you don’t forget where you can buy music. It’s a mess. And then the song. Hmmmm…. Is it just me, or does it not even sound properly mixed when it gets to the chorus?

And as for the video… A very random collection of music and showbiz types on a film set which looks a lot like they had NINETY different ideas for how to style Joe into some sort of understandable look, couldn’t decide, and eventually went “sod it, let’s just put them ALL in and get them to wiggle about a bit, that’ll do for the kids.”

My favourite bit of the “storyline” is around 1 minute 10, the bloke who looks a bit like Will Young who is carrying around some important documents, possibly the Joe McElderry Master Plan, drops them and scrambles around trying to get things back together. Joe comes over to help, and almost instantly the guy gives up, throws all the paper in the air and flounces off.

Just about sums it all up. Joe – you might be very good, I want you to be good, but this isn’t helping. If you and your mentors are trying to make a statement about who you are, the answer seems to be “dunno, who cares?”

Who knows, it might be number 1. I just don’t get it.