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The difference between pop singers and artists

Pop singers sing what’s popular. Artists redefine what’s popular.

Pop singers imitate. Artists originate.

Pop singers need to be consistently good. Artists must be, at least occasionally, surprisingly brilliant. Performance may vary.

People enjoy pop singers who meet expectations. People love artists who blow expectations apart.

It’s enough for a pop singer to do something you enjoyed another pop singer doing. An artist has to do something you believe only they could do. That is what defines them.

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Eurovision party cards

Every year at Eurovision we get together with a mixture fellow song contest geeks and bemused neighbours and friends who just like eating and drinking.

This year it was my turn to organise the sweepstake, so everyone has some sort of vested interest in every country, and I made these cards. I think they were meant to be like passports to start with, then I realised I wanted useful extras like facts about the artists (taken from the incredibly patchy biogs on the official Eurovision site). And I’ve made them to print on a home inkjet printer, without too much ink, so they don’t look much like passports in the end.

Feel free to rip them off! (Print pages 1-13, then do page 14 on the back of each one, cut and fold…)

Help! I like and loathe this record at the same time and I am confused

I don’t LOVE the Cher Lloyd debut single, but I do like it and it is stuck in my head. At least the chorus is, the verse is mostly forgettable and the song as a whole is so annoying that I want to shout at myself every time my brain wants to hum the chorus again, which it does a lot. It’s a recipe for madness.

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Congratulations to Fire Radio

We’ve just celebrated another record increase in audience share at Fire Radio, a station where I love picking the hits for the playlist.

The last time our share was as high as now, iPods looked like this. They only had black and white screens and couldn’t play games.

Congratulations from Steve Jobs (and Bern)

(PS – did you guess the year? It was 2004.)

Can’t believe I’d never thought about this until today

While chatting about suitable music for the Dennis The Menace show on Fun Kids, how did I not realise before – Dennis is an emo kid waiting to happen. It’s just one heartbreak away…

Radio stations have changed a bit…

…since this one, as thought up for a BBC schools music radio programme in 1981.

Although I think 2CR FM (later Heart) in Bournemouth had a studio like this until it closed very recently! Sad to see it wasn’t needed or used for years. It begs the question, what COULD you do with radio if you really wanted to…?