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Tune of the Day: I Am Arrows – Hurricane

Why does I Am Arrows seem like a really well kept secret? Andy Burrows (ex-Razorlight) has a really nice set of tunes going on. Radio 2 shared our love of “Green Grass” earlier this year, but I can’t see anyone else who’s played this tune, which got stuck on repeat for two days for me when it arrived.

Usually we’re super disciplined about playing the songs we think will be hits. Sometimes we know a tune (like this) won’t be a hit, cos no-one knows about it, but we say “sod it, everyone else is wrong, this is right” and on it goes.

Please don’t tell anyone else about I Am Arrows, so that we can carry on in our smug little “being right” bubble of exclusivity. Knowing our luck, however, “Hurricane” will probably get placed in a rom com and be super famous next year.

Tune of the Day: Missing Andy – Sing For The Deaf

I wasn’t expecting to start loving a band from a Sky 1 talent show. But “Must Be The Music” has been really fresh and exciting, my X-Factor loving wife and I have been looking forward to all the live shows, and it’s so good that someone had the balls to believe there is another way to show off talent. It doesn’t have to be covers (nice as they can be), it can be brand new unknown songs and they can SELL on first listen… if (and it’s a BIG IF)… the talent is really, really good.

How good is Dizzee Rascal? Could he be the next generation Simon Cowell? He’s sharp, he makes sense, and he’s got great ears for talent. If I were ITV, I’d be getting ready to make him an offer. He’s played a big part in making this stupidly ambitious programme work.

It would be brave to plan on finding even one or two acts good enough to go into the top 40 off no radio play and virtually none of the other coverage record companies expect to need (music TV channels, This Morning, online campaigns, gigging, TV advertising…). I can see three in iTunes’ top 30 right now, plus a second top 40 song by Missing Andy which wasn’t even on Sunday’s show.

There are acts which have been plugged and marketed to perfection over months and aren’t selling as many songs as these people who do brand new, never-before-heard songs one night on Sky.

Must be the music? Must be TALENT to do that. I hope lots of them do well, and that they find good partners (in record companies or elsewhere) who get them and can bring the best music out of them, long term.

I’m thinking Missing Andy should have LOTS of hits (they already have two), and I’m very happy to pass on this clip of them doing their thing.

Tune of the Day: Nadine – Insatiable

Now this is a pop song.

Nadine has set up her own label to make this record and, weirdly, the CD is only going to be available in Tesco’s. But I guess that’s progress. If you don’t need a major label to take its major wedge for handling the business the way they have for decades, if you only want to be in the single biggest music retailer, knowing most people will find you online anyway, and if you already have a fan base who will stretch out a bit to meet you where you are, why not?

Marketing / “future of music” debates aside, it always helps if the song is good. And it is. Hooray!

Tune of the Day: The Feeling – When I Return


(sorry, can’t find it on You Tube and I’m not going to be the one to upload it… but here’s the Spotify link)

I heard this on a Sky Arts promo – nicely picked, originally a bonus track on the “Sewn” single, also on the double CD version of the “Join With Us” album.

The Feeling reminded me of how excited I could be about songs. When I first heard them, they seemed like a familiar band that fell into a time machine and ended up out of sync with the universe of musical fashion, but somehow connected with what makes a song feel timelessly worth something. “Twelve Stops And Home” was full of the best kind of pop songs – hummable, stick-in-your-brain-but-you-don’t-know-why tunes which didn’t sound like anything else out at the time. There’s a classical quality and inventiveness in their best stuff which makes me go “you can’t do that in a pop song… can you?”, which then reminds me that you can, and they did.

I believe I was the first radio programmer to playlist The Feeling – months before they had a release date set for a single. I did a proper raving campaign for them to other stations before they had their year of being the most played band on the radio. I love the guys. It’s hard to describe how bad I feel that, apart from “Join With Us”, the second album didn’t really do it for me, and worse, the label butchered and botched that song in the radio edit.

But as they get their summer festivals done and finish album three, this rediscovered song reminds me of how good their fragile, vulnerable songs can be. It’s not flashy, nor marketed, perhaps not “single” material, but nice to stumble over. I didn’t think about this consciously, but I just realised I’m also hoping the chorus lyrics will apply – “When I return, I will be better than before.”

Amazon MP3 link (rubbish choice of 30 second clip misses the hook – hear it in full on Spotify if you can)

Tune of the Day: Cee-Lo – Forget You (New 2010) Radio Edit

Hello and welcome to my new “Tune of the Day” slot. Every day I’m going to try and post a new tune I love, or an oldie I’ve recently discovered, thanks to YouTube, Spotify, etc. Chances are I’ll be looking to play it on the radio too, so I can plug my stations at you. Woo ha!

Here’s one we’ve just rushed onto the soon-to-be-relaunched Star FM. Cee-Lo Green is the voice of Gnarls Barkley (“Crazy” etc) and the album version of this is really quite rude. So much so, the record company haven’t dared risk including it on the radio promo CD, although they have entitled the song “F U”, so you’ll get the idea.

Ahh, one day, if this becomes a classic, a hapless radio bod may accidentally load the wrong version to their playout system which – being in the future – will hold so many petabytes of laser-accessed holodata that an errant song will go unnoticed, until Robbie the Robojock plays it at breakfast to mums on the school run in their hover cars (that’s enough tenuous “futuristic” images – ed.)

And how we will laugh.

Meanwhile, enjoy it for what it is – bright sunshine through dark clouds.