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What are we learning from the London riots?

What are we learning from the London riots?

I have no idea about the politics of this, and I don’t know who does. Sky News reporters seem fairly confident about presenting their opinions as facts, though, so I’m just going to go by what I can see on the TV.

Obviously this is serious and difficult stuff, especially as it’s something hard to understand and spreading. There’s a helicopter flying near my house in Bristol right now (and we had local riots earlier this year). It’s in extreme events when I think about how ridiculous we’ve made the world sometimes.

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10 O’Clock Live: did the Channel 4 hype backfire?


I admit I haven’t seen this yet. But everyone else is reviewing it, so I’m going to pile in too, based on this screen captured moment of hilarity.

Lauren Laverne – she loves the camera, and the camera loves her
Jimmy Carr – he loves the camera, the camera isn’t so sure about him, thinks he’s a bit creepy
Charlie Brooker – he hates the camera, the camera hates him, so they have this mutual understanding which has worked for a long time now
David Mitchell – is in complete denial that there is a camera, and would prefer to be somewhere else much more comfortable out of his new “job interview” suit.

As I mentioned, I haven’t seen it yet, but I feel my expectations have been suitably lowered by the anti-hype.

Making something as good as the Daily Show takes a huge, talented and committed team AND lots of time and attempts to get working properly. So it’s never yet happened on Channel 4′s system. But this looks really promising. I really hope it’s not as awful as everyone else says, but even if it is, I hope they keep trying…