Tune of the Day: Cee-Lo – Forget You (New 2010) Radio Edit

Hello and welcome to my new “Tune of the Day” slot. Every day I’m going to try and post a new tune I love, or an oldie I’ve recently discovered, thanks to YouTube, Spotify, etc. Chances are I’ll be looking to play it on the radio too, so I can plug my stations at you. Woo ha!

Here’s one we’ve just rushed onto the soon-to-be-relaunched Star FM. Cee-Lo Green is the voice of Gnarls Barkley (“Crazy” etc) and the album version of this is really quite rude. So much so, the record company haven’t dared risk including it on the radio promo CD, although they have entitled the song “F U”, so you’ll get the idea.

Ahh, one day, if this becomes a classic, a hapless radio bod may accidentally load the wrong version to their playout system which – being in the future – will hold so many petabytes of laser-accessed holodata that an errant song will go unnoticed, until Robbie the Robojock plays it at breakfast to mums on the school run in their hover cars (that’s enough tenuous “futuristic” images – ed.)

And how we will laugh.

Meanwhile, enjoy it for what it is – bright sunshine through dark clouds.

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