Tune of the Day: I Am Arrows – Hurricane

Why does I Am Arrows seem like a really well kept secret? Andy Burrows (ex-Razorlight) has a really nice set of tunes going on. Radio 2 shared our love of “Green Grass” earlier this year, but I can’t see anyone else who’s played this tune, which got stuck on repeat for two days for me when it arrived.

Usually we’re super disciplined about playing the songs we think will be hits. Sometimes we know a tune (like this) won’t be a hit, cos no-one knows about it, but we say “sod it, everyone else is wrong, this is right” and on it goes.

Please don’t tell anyone else about I Am Arrows, so that we can carry on in our smug little “being right” bubble of exclusivity. Knowing our luck, however, “Hurricane” will probably get placed in a rom com and be super famous next year.

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