Tune of the Day: The Feeling – When I Return


(sorry, can’t find it on You Tube and I’m not going to be the one to upload it… but here’s the Spotify link)

I heard this on a Sky Arts promo – nicely picked, originally a bonus track on the “Sewn” single, also on the double CD version of the “Join With Us” album.

The Feeling reminded me of how excited I could be about songs. When I first heard them, they seemed like a familiar band that fell into a time machine and ended up out of sync with the universe of musical fashion, but somehow connected with what makes a song feel timelessly worth something. “Twelve Stops And Home” was full of the best kind of pop songs – hummable, stick-in-your-brain-but-you-don’t-know-why tunes which didn’t sound like anything else out at the time. There’s a classical quality and inventiveness in their best stuff which makes me go “you can’t do that in a pop song… can you?”, which then reminds me that you can, and they did.

I believe I was the first radio programmer to playlist The Feeling – months before they had a release date set for a single. I did a proper raving campaign for them to other stations before they had their year of being the most played band on the radio. I love the guys. It’s hard to describe how bad I feel that, apart from “Join With Us”, the second album didn’t really do it for me, and worse, the label butchered and botched that song in the radio edit.

But as they get their summer festivals done and finish album three, this rediscovered song reminds me of how good their fragile, vulnerable songs can be. It’s not flashy, nor marketed, perhaps not “single” material, but nice to stumble over. I didn’t think about this consciously, but I just realised I’m also hoping the chorus lyrics will apply – “When I return, I will be better than before.”

Amazon MP3 link (rubbish choice of 30 second clip misses the hook – hear it in full on Spotify if you can)

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