Would winning the lottery make you less likely to go broke?


Research suggests that, however much money you win on the lottery, you’re almost equally likely to go bankrupt within five years. Even if you win a fortune.

What does that say about us and money? It reminds me of John D. Rockefeller’s answer to the question “How much is enough money?” – “A little bit more.”

I really wouldn’t mind winning, or being given, a fortune. Actually I’m unlikely to win one, as we don’t tend to play the lottery. Maybe we’ll go on “Millionaire” one day, and we’ll face the question of whether we’ll play for a “life changing” amount of money. If we won ??100,000, I’m pretty sure that one of the things which would change would be the amount of stuff we could afford. One of the things which wouldn’t change would be the desire to have a bit more than that.

Holy Kaw links this story to a useful looking budget planner from Mint.com, which can help manage money practically. Dealing with the desires and understanding how money means so much to us is something else.

I’m involved with some tremendous work at www.CrownUK.org which addresses that, using the Bible, some inspiring ideas and really practical help too.

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