X Factor ratings and predictions – week 5

It was definitely Matt‘s night, with four times more ratings than anyone else.

Cher had a relatively poor night, but still scrapes into second on the ratings – she’s got a good fanbase, helped by last week’s stunning performance.

Rebecca is third, growing nicely, hopefully solidifying a fanbase, but she’s not yet had the kind of massive breakthrough week Matt, Cher and Aiden have enjoyed.

Aiden looks safe enough, though not a contender for the top spot unless he can do something stunning as he did in week 1.

One Direction - hmmm… we thought they did well, but their share of ratings has slipped a bit. Probably nothing to worry about – Matt did deserve an extraordinary share of attention – but if they are going to get to the final they need to have their own moment of brilliance.

Katie - I think she’s in the danger zone given that most of her ratings are pretty awful. She’s also been in the bottom with higher shares than this week.

Wagner - was growing, now declining in share of ratings. Have things finally turned? I’m going to guess that he still has enough fans to keep him afloat, but not for long.

Mary - from previous weeks I think we’ve established that Mary’s support isn’t anything to do with the iTunes crowd, so who knows? I thought she had a rotten week, but fans are fans. At least Mary is unique, and has a strong story behind her, but vocally it wasn’t good. Probably safe this week, at a complete guess.

Paije - oh dear. In danger on every level, I’m afraid.

Treyc - whatever she did last night didn’t boost her share of ratings – in fact, she has her lowest ever, so she also has to be in danger. People who get her are speaking well of her, but are there enough of them paying attention?

So I’m thinking the bottom two have to be from Paije, Treyc and Katie. Treyc was actually pretty good though, and we want her to stay. So I’m going to stick with last night’s gut feeling prediction of Paije and Katie…. what do you think!?

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