X Factor week 6 stuff

OK – just back from a weekend away, firing up the V+ to catch up before tonight’s results…

First impressions from the show, before seeing the ratings:

Paije - not bad, we can see him in musicals, but Crocodile Rock in a pink dinner jacket isn’t helping… Why do so many artists about to get voted off go on about how “versatile” they can be? That’s what you need for a stage career, not for being instantly recognisable on the radio and selling hits.

Aiden - he has a weird voice, but it works for me because it’s the opposite of what Paije did. I think he’s developing nicely.

Mary - I’m still not convinced by her voice (just one good last note), and the arrangement was pure cheese, but her story is always good, and she’ll connect with her fans.

Tabloid Favourite Katie - always sounds from the promo film like she’s going to come out with something different and amazing, then always does something just about OK. At least there weren’t many words to forget in this one. Fun, but not game changing. Should have sung “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues”

Matt - solid enough. Elton John really did a lot of odd songs, didn’t he? “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” is one of the better ones, and Matt’s version wasn’t very surprising, but he’s still a class act. Expectations very high for him.

Cher - great song, I bet there was a scramble for “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word”. Bit of marmite in the middle, great for the fans though. Woo hoo.

Wagner - oh no, I actually enjoyed this, but I was thinking of “The Tony Ferrino Phenomenon” at the time.

One Direction - one of their best weeks. I’m slightly surprised Simon didn’t wheel in a gospel choir to top it all off, but it had everything else. Nice one.

Rebecca - wow. Brave song choice, and done like a proper artist. A bit understated at the end, but I think she’s the standout from the week.

Now to check the ratings…

There isn’t a runaway favourite from this week – in fact, there are fewer ratings overall than any previous week. Cher has a narrow lead with a much better share than last week. Matt didn’t have his best week, but is still doing really well. Rebecca carries on growing her share with great performances, and One Direction had a standout week.

Katie has her highest share of ratings so far, but they are mostly awful – “her usual crap” (from someone who gave her 5 stars…), “this is not an eyelash competition”, “absolute rubbish”, “bye bye” and “really can’t stand the girl”, just from page 1. She’s got to be going this week.

Paije will probably join her in the bottom two. He’s not growing, and unless he has a secret fanbase hidden away, we can’t see him having enough support to carry on for long. Shame really.

Wagner and Mary are still wildcards, though. Who knows when people who have kept them in up to now will get fed up of them? Wagner especially is a “phenomenon“…


Hmmm. Didn’t expect Aiden to have the least votes and go. We’re no longer surprised that Katie sounds much better on the Sunday than the Saturday, though – it’s looking like it’s written into the format of the show.

But there was something odd about the “no particular order” the safe contestants were announced: the EXACT SAME order as the graph above (ie. decreasing order of ratings share), only skipping over Katie and Aiden. So we’re guessing we’re still onto something… We already worked out that Wagner and Mary have fans/voters which aren’t touching iTunes, and now it’s looking like the same goes for Paije. Good onya. Probably won’t keep him out of the bottom spots next week unless he gets much, much better though.

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