X Factor week 8

Watched the show this afternoon, jotted some thoughts and crunched the stats. Looked at how each contestant’s songs did relative to each other in terms of stats too, to see if we could spot standouts. Mostly all went as expected, with a few odd exceptions…

“Creep” – totally worked for me (?? did I just write that about Wagner??). Love it that Louis totally misunderstood the lyrics and thought it was about a “winner” instead of a “weirdo”. Sums it all up somehow. Can Wagner do some more classic misheard lyrics, like Bonnie Tyler’s “Nothing but a hard egg” and Macy Gray’s “I wear goggles when you are not here”?
“Addicted To Love” – this is all very “cruise ship” – ideal if you want to entertain people who like what they like and can’t go anywhere else.
STATS SAY… better than last week – probably safe! 64% of his ratings are for “Creep”, the standout song.

One Direction
“Summer of ’69″ – short and sweet, felt like a slightly unsatisfying snack, but not unpleasant. Hmmm.
“You Are So Beautiful To Me” – for rock week? Never mind, it was really good. Shame the harmonies seemed a bit low in the mix, but the lead vocals were outstanding.
STATS SAY… better than last week – probably safe! 53% of their ratings are for “Summer of ’69″, so both songs were liked pretty evenly. I think their fanbase just like everything they do, and I’m surprised their second song didn’t stand out more. Did it connect as well as the judges thought?

“All I Want Is You” – very good!
“Brass In Pocket” – also very good! Has Mary found her real niche? Good luck writing original songs for her, though – she looks like a karaoke queen tonight.
STATS SAY… worse than last week. We know she doesn’t generally have many fans on iTunes – could that now be a crucial problem for Mary? Could be danger. Ratings split evenly between the songs – no standout song. Not a good sign.

“Girlfriend” – ouch, no. I think Cheryl has drastically failed to understand Cher’s fanbase – she needs to be credible urban, not cheesy Disney pop-rock. Judges totally disagree, but I’m hearing alarm bells…
“Walk This Way” – OK, but still another scene from “Cher! The musical” and I suspect not a big fanbase pleaser or builder.
STATS SAY… not much better than last week. My gut feel is DANGER, DANGER (but I got it totally wrong and said she was safe last week, so what do I know?!) 58% of her ratings are for “Girlfriend”, but lots of them say “urgh” and “really?” Hmmmmm…..

“I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” – loving the song choice, not so much the Simply Red-esque lite funk backing track. I liked it on paper,  weirdly still wanting to like it more in practice.
“Satisfaction” – soulfully done in a very nice way, like an undiscovered Motown original. Someone really should unglue her shoes at some point, though.
STATS SAY… in a bit of decline. 59% of her ratings are for “Satisfaction” – a definite standout. I’m hoping that is good enough to save her.

“I Love Rock And Roll” – errrr…?? It looks like the whole routine – song choice, style and dancers – have been mixed up with Wagner’s. Did they swap for a bet? I suppose he doesn’t always need to do fragile numbers – “Creep” would have been amazing, though…
“Nights In White Satin” – ahh, there we go, that’s the tortured soul we paid to see. Well done on avoiding Coldplay obviousness too. The biz.
STATS SAY… back in growth, back on top. 76% of his ratings are for the clear standout “Nights In White Satin” – GIVE THE PUBLIC WHAT THEY WANT!!!

“Sex On Fire” – you couldn’t pick a more popular rock song for all the Heart listeners out there. I’m still not sure who I’m watching post-haircut. The “moves” looked too stage school, more “We Will Rock You – The Musical” than actual rock. For me, that’s really offputting, perhaps not for the great ITV1 public.
“Everybody Hurts” – sounds like classic Sunday night “please don’t chuck me out” Katie. Pretty good, not amazing – Simon’s right about the short edit being a problem – maybe the judges should have been asked to talk for 30 seconds less, would that improve things?
STATS SAY… bit of a decline from last weeks peak. Slight majority (53%) of Katie’s ratings are for “Sex On Fire”, but not a huge standout.

Really hard to say who is in danger. I’m going to suggest Mary, Katie and Rebecca for bottom three, but Cher is a bit of a worry and Wagner is… still Wagner. It’s unbelievable that he would make the final… isn’t it?!

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